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~ Honduras October 2012 ~


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Honduras October 2012



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mission members: Left to right

Jason Thompson

Rigoberto hernandez (Tegus)

Pastor Matt Woodhouse

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Pastor Herminio Project in Tegucigalpa (Tegus) in the Modesto Rodas community

10/15/12 … Pastor Herminio we work with together in this extremely dangerous community.  I had the pleasure of preaching in his church 21 October.

We were restoring bathrooms that were damaged by gangs we needed to attach them to the building & then add a concrete roof to protect from the gangs.  
Coming into Catacamas Coming into Catacamas

Catacamas is in a valley surrounded by Mountains

Topography is very similar to western Montana

Topography is very similar to western Montana
Front of Orphanage Front of orphanage

Orphanage and feeding center//Now feeding 60 of poorest children once a week is all we have funds for we desire to feed daily (at least 3 times per week min.

We built these pillars of concrete that will support on side of the roof. To the left are rooms for orphans & widows eventually.
Hover Text - 2012-10-09 12.58.54.jpg

The Story of Daniel

We noticed a little boy standing in the corner while we were working looking very sad. I went over and spoke with him. He told me his father had moved to the USA. But, had forgotten about him & his mom.  And, married another woman. His mom tried to come to the U.S. on a train. But, was involved in a train accident and lost both legs below her waist.  See below notes…

I had the privilege to share God’s love that he has for Daniel and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Daniel readily accepted God’s love and Jesus Christ into his heart!  His countenance immediately changed. Pastor Matt asked Daniel if he could have anything in the world what would it be? Daniel thought a very long while.  I thought he was going to say to have his father return home and love him and his mother.  But, Daniel said softly and sincerely, “I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MORE LOVE IN MY HEART”!

What Godly wisdom! Certainly he possesses the wisdom of Solomon!

He left that day with a big smile on his face.  We connected him with a local Pastor Nelson we work with there and got him into the Saturday feeding program.

That Saturday Daniel had a huge smile on his face as he received a gift package from one of our kids from Abundant Hope Church in Pineville, NC.  He also had a good balanced meal.  Will you perhaps join with us & consider helping a little one like Daniel by either prayer or financially ($20 a month does a lot).  NO GUILT INTENDED ONLY A HUGE NEED HERE!  100% OF these gifts go to the kids.

This is Daniel’s one room house (shack).  If you look closely you will see his mom’s arm as she sits in a wheelchair.  She believes in Jesus Christ as her Lord. As I walked up to her I sensed the Holy Spirit saying kiss her on the side of her face which I did.  We prayed over his mom that day for God to do a “greater work” spoken of by Jesus Christ.  Holy Father please help them in Jesus Christ name! A-men!


The Pastor offered me this lot if I would move there & build a small home.  Beautiful Views!!

2012-10-09 13.27.16.jpg

Pastor Nelson took us out to lunch.

We always ate well! Hoping we could get Jason on TV & we did!

And we got my Pastor Matt on as well! And at church on TV & radio station is sent to entire & largest’s state in Honduras!

Wednesday night at church

Honestly, we had a lot of logistical problems that night.  The translator said he wasn’t sure if he could translate without seeing the notes. And the translator stood behind me.  I usually have 3 to 4 points, but this time had to compile notes and use them which severely restricts the Holy Spirit.  Then it started raining unbelievably.  Nevertheless  we are thankful for the few that accepted The Gospel of Jesus Christ and those that responded for healing. Even though someone had them sit down before I could pray with them.  We learned


Wednesday night at church.

This beautiful couple came running up to me after the service (he is an elder in the church) and said, “Allen, remember last year, we asked you to pray over us that we would have a baby because we have not been able to have one for many many years”. Wow!  As I looked at this beautiful precious baby girl we give God Almighty ALL PRAISE & GLORY!  I believe this baby is a wonderful sign from heaven!


Update on the kids that used to eat from the dump

These kids were the ones eating at the dump last year.  The city moved the dump so they wouldn’t eat out of it.  Some Christian organization built this little school.  But no one knows now where they are eating except on Saturdays at our feeding center.  This year has unfortunately had an increase in children starving to death in this area.


More of the kids at the school.

Driving to my friends farm



Notice this enormous tree on the farm. Were at the bottom right

Famous Talgua Caves. Oldest remains of humans in Central America were discovered in 1990’s (900 BC).

Saturday feeding at Orphanage/feeding center

16 yr old mom with 2.5 yr. son & another new born at home

Simple but good substantial meal

Saturday feeding of the kids.

Church women prepare the meal.

Spanish class I attended after everyone left. 

About 5,000’ above Valley of Angels…a teachers uncle’s farm.

Teacher’s uncle’s farm Parrott named Laura

we both were fond of each other!

This was the little church I preached in the extremely dangerous community in Tegus!  


God so wonderfully moved as everyone joyfully received the message.  A young woman in a gang came running forward and tearfully committed her life to Jesus Christ! And others followed her example!  One woman with Lupus came forward and as I spoke to her, tears started flowing out of her eyes and I asked what is wrong?  She said……

“These same very words were spoken to her the night before”…we prayed God moved on her wonderfully and we believe she is totally healed from Lupus!  All glory to God! Please consider joining with us however you can we hope to have a women, men & families team going down in June and we’ll put together a men’s construction team anytime funds are available! 



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